Seedless Grape Red (USA/ Peru/ AUS) | 美國/秘魯/澳洲無核波子紅提 | Pound


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Minimum Order: 2 Pound | 最少訂購2磅

📦原箱總共有 19 磅 | 19 Pound for each box

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🇵🇪 Peru- Total 9 pound per box (wood package)

Table Grapes Q&A:
This variety originated in the United States, and can also be found in the Peruvian regions of Ica Lambayeque, La Libertad and Piura.

It is a vigorous grape, with good fertility and normal internodes. It has a good root system, with deep roots. It has quite large, heart-shaped, toothed leaves. Clusters tend to be long and conical (Alada and Semi Alada).

Its berries are red, turning creamy at maturity end. They are round, sometimes oval, crunchy, solid and very firm, giving a large cluster appearance, with a size ranging from 22 to 28 mm. Its rachis is red and flexible, with long and separated shoulders. It has a sweet flavor, with no less than 18° Brix. It is a seedless grape and keeps in excellent conditions after harvesting.


📦原箱總共有 19 磅

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